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How to use Pinterest for your upcoming photo session!

I LOVE Pinterest. Since I’m currently going through for my own wedding and finding inspiration, I figured I would share some thoughts on how to use Pinterest in the best way for your photo session (weddings, engagement, families, etc.)!

  • Pinterest is great to get a few ideas for photos, to explain your vibe, or to show me some unique poses we may not do otherwise.

  • It shouldn’t be used as a checklist, more of an inspiration board. You are more than likely pinning the best moments of 20 different sessions and trying to fit all of them into your 1. It can be overwhelming!

  • Keep your expectations realistic. I don’t want expectations for your Nebraska wedding to be super high because you were admiring a wedding in Greece by a $20,000 wedding photographer.

  • It’s an amazing compliment to pin some of my work! And it’s easier for me to understand what you want from your session within my capabilities and styles!


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