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Support System

#SupportSystemSunday is now going to be a thing.

Thank you so much to these humans and so many more who have supported me and my business for all these years ❤️ I’m the luckiest person alive to have you all by my side! Being a business owner isn’t easy, but because of my friends and family, I’m able to continue pursuing my passion. Because of them, I’m excited for work everyday.

So here is my sincerest thank you if you’ve ever booked me, sent me a referral, liked a post,

complimented me on my work, tagged me in a photo I took, wore my logo, etc.

You guys are the best ❤️

Also shoutout to Brady @ Wingfoot Imprinted Sportswear for being the best shirt vendor around! Call him for all your screen-printing needs! (402) 464-2466


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