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Best Wedding Venues in Lincoln, NE & Surrounding Areas

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

As a wedding photographer and event planner, I've found a few of the event locations that I've really enjoyed working with and photographing in and compiled them into this list! There are a bunch of amazing options in Lincoln, NE, these are just the few that have wowed me over the years!

Roca Ridge Events

This gorgeous venue is located right outside of Lincoln! They have plenty of room to get ready, have an indoor our outdoor ceremony and reception, and beautiful grounds for photos!


Champions Club

Located on UNL's campus, this space has a bunch of natural light with windows lining the walls. Their dance floor is big and the staff is always very professional.


Suite One Eleven

Located in the middle of Lincoln, this spacious venue space has an elevated look and a bridal suite for getting ready in!


Country Pines

Just outside of Lincoln, this beautiful outdoor venue is a photographer's dream! With tall trees for shade during the ceremony, a vineyard for awesome photos and a covered reception space this is a great space for a slightly smaller wedding.


Lincoln FireFighter's Reception Hall

One of the most reasonably priced venues I've ran across in Lincoln! The event space is clean and open to what you'd like to do with it!

Address: 241 Victory Ln, Lincoln, NE 68528

Debbie Way - General Manager & Event Coordinator


Lincoln Country Club

Talon Room


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