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Should you hire a photographer for your proposal??

... well, as a photographer, I would say absolutely! But there are a few things to think through before you decide if a photographer is right for your moment!

  1. What will we use these photos for? Are you using them to announce your engagement, to show family and friends that couldn't be there, to look back on the day and reminisce?

  2. Would someone with their cell phone suffice? Sometimes you can just trust a friend or family member with a cell phone to take photos! But, having a professional there will ensure that you have high quality photos, with someone who won't be distracted, and possibly won't be recognized so a less obvious situation than a friend with a cell phone.

  3. Who will want to see the photos after? Do you have a desire to print them out and hang them at your place, will they be posted to social media, do you want to show grandparents? All of these are things to think about to see if the investment in a professional is worth it!

  4. Will it add or take away from the experience? When you are about to get down on one knee, will having a photographer there be an addition to your proposal? Will it help relieve some stress having a professional capturing the moment? Does the person you're proposing to want it captured?

All in all, it all comes down to what sort of images you'd like to have from this moment!

Below is a sweet proposal I captured last weekend when two of my friends got engaged on their run!

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