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Taking My Own Advice - Wedding Photographer's Tips on Engagement Photos

Tip #1: Do your engagement photos with your engagement photographer! This is a great test run on how you work with your photographer, what style of posing you like, certain things you like or don't like about your body, how you express your love for each other, etc. We had already done destination engagement photos, but still wanted to do a session with our own wedding photographer!

Tip #2: Find a location that is meaningful to you! We choose our house as we are super proud of our home and all the work we've done on it, and this way our cat could be a part of the photos! This also made it more of a lifestyle shoot, which I love!

Tip #3: Make it feel like a date! We decided to do a bonfire as we love spending time in our backyard (and smores). This makes it feel more like a typical date night and less like you are posing! It makes you feel more comfortable, relaxed and natural!


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